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Publitek Technology AS
P.O. Box A – Bygdøy
NO – 0211 OSLO

Telephone: +47 24 11 57 07
Fax: +47 24 11 57 01
ISSN 1503-8246

Editor Tor Bergersen
Tel: +47 24 11 57 07

Charlotte Foss
Mobilephone: +47 926 17 850

Target groups
Volt covers the entire electrical engineering spectrum, ranging from electricity to electronics. The magazine includes articles on production, transmission, distribution and the use of electric power, as well as associated specialist fields such as automation, telephone engineering, control engineering and the application of all aspects of electrical engineering.

Volt is distributed to personnel working in the following fields: power supply, utility and network companies, board members and owners’ representatives, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, major power consumers, industrial electronics departments, shipping and offshore environments, consulting engineers and consultancy companies, universities and colleges, automation and electronics environments, the IT industry and electrical contractors.

Circulation of Volt as of 16th September 2015 – 5.105 copies
Annual subscription NOK 689.-
Nordic countries NOK 789.- Europe NOK 865.-
Other parts of the world NOK 885.-
No refunds are available once an annual subscription has been paid.

Issue plan Volt 2016

No. 1 Publication Week 5
Material deadline 18th January

No. 2 Publication Week 10
Material deadline 22nd of February

No. 3 Publication Week 15
Material deadline 29th of March

No. 4 Publication Week 18
Material deadline 18th of April

No. 5 Publication Week 22
Material deadline 18th of May

No. 6 Publication Week 35
Material deadline 19th of August

No. 7 Publication Week 40
Material deadline 19th of September

No. 8 Publication Week 45
Material deadline 24th of October

No. 9 Publication Week 50
Material deadline 28th of November

Technical data
Format 210×287 mm
Type area 185×260 mm
Bleed 216×293 mm
Back page The address should be taken into consideration
Electronic media EPS, PDF and InDesign and QuarkXpress files
Electronic material may be sent by e-mail to Additional expenses.

Customers will be charged for the costs incurred in respect of adapting previous advertisements or the production of new advertisements.

Advertising prices
Size Height Width Price
1/1 page 185×260 mm 15.890,-
1/2 page 90×260 mm 185×127 mm 8.980,-
1/4 page 90×127 mm 185×61 mm 5.890,-
1/8 side 90×61 mm 3.480,-

2nd cover page 185×260 mm 18.980,-
3rd cover page 185×269 mm 18.980,-
Back page 185×235 mm 19.890,-
Centre spread 392×260 mm 28.980,-
Double page, pages 2-3 392×260 mm 26.980,-

Additional bleed 10%. Additional reserved space 10%.
Colours: CMYK – cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
Supplements in accordance with agreement. The deadline for editorial material is one week before the material deadline.

Material deadlines
Cancellation deadline – 4 weeks prior to publication. We are unable to take responsibility for any proofreading errors that might occur in material received after the deadline. Failure to comply with the deadline will result in forfeiture of the right to submit claims.
Claims, corrections and stop orders must be submitted in writing.

Payment terms
Net 10 days. All prices are exclusive of VAT.
Failure to make payment by the payment deadline will incur an additional charge of 18% per year.
Agency commission 3.5%.

Account no.: 9490.05.14683
Swift code: HANDNOKK – IBAN code: NO3294900514780

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